Acoustic Panels

Acoustics Will Transform Your Home


Sound acoustics are just as important to sound quality than the speakers themselves. Premium acoustic systems will ensure that the audience can clearly hear all of the music with the proper balance between instruments, and the proper tonal balance for each instrument. In addition to sound quality, acoustics help ensure that extraneous sounds are inaudible within the space while sounds created within the space are inaudible from outside. All of these factors come together to create a transformative sound experience within your own home.


The right acoustics help control excessive loudness from music and spoken word activities and mitigate unwanted echoes and reverberations. This is a commonly overlooked component of well-designed homes and home theater spaces. Sound bounces around a room much like a ping pong ball bouncing back from hard surfaces, such as a wall, and slowing down when it hits a soft surface like carpet. We’ll engineer an acoustic design with the best mix of highly-aesthetic acoustical materials that match your home’s décor and provide the best solution for the application.