Smart Lighting

Control4 Intercom Has Gone Mobile

For the first time, Control4 provides homeowners with the direct ability to create smart home actions when a button is pressed, when motion is detected, when a condition occurs, when it’s a specific time, or when a door is opened or closed. For example, with When >> Then, homeowners can change the schedule for the porch light, change which music plays when a living room keypad button is pressed, or send a push notification when the garage door is opened.

Modernize the way you manage light


In a standard home, you control lights by going room to room turning them on and off, or opening and closing curtains to let light in or keep it out. With a custom-tailored lighting control system, you no longer have to go room to room to turn lights on and off, or open and close curtains. You simply use your smartphone, tablet/remote, keypad, or touch panel to control the lights and the motorized shades in the home, or to set a lighting mood in any area of your smart home. Whether watching TV, dining or entertaining, one press of a button can create the ideal atmosphere you desire. Smart lighting control also contributes to a safe environment by linking with your smart home security system to turn all lights on if uninvited activity is detected.

Save Money and Energy

You can save energy with a custom lighting control system with smart lighting and shading control; enabling you to make adjustments in your home based on the time of day. These shades will reduce solar heat gain, provide UV protection, while providing security and comfort with easy.


The award winning, sophisticated design of QMotion window fashions combines contemporary energy efficiency engineering paired with the latest in high-tech home automation. From the world’s narrowest battery operated roller shades to the elegant light control benefits of automated honeycomb shades, QMotion’s passion for design and innovation are apparent.



Upgrade your workspace & home sweet home with custom automated shades. Make big-screen presentations & movie screenings the best they can be.